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Office building


Designed for the needs of your business and investment.

TOWER 126. The MODERN, ENVIRONMENTAL & EFFICIENT office project. With DESIGN and STRUCTURES of the latest trend. Bioclimatic (comfortable temperatures without the need for air conditioning), high efficiency elevators with intelligent destination detection system, conference room, double height lobby, basements with vehicular ramp, business office rooms, cafeterias and terraces on the second floor are some of its main features.

Office buildings, warehouses, Commercial premises.


Assistance for your Investment, Housing or Commercial needs.  

In a social and economic environment as vibrant as that of Bogota and its surroundings, exploring the dynamics in the construction of new architectural icons is synonymous with growth and business vision. Real estate housing projects that meet the integral needs of their buyers, Business Centers based on functionality and environment as a vital trend. These are the philosophies that continue to mark the current economic progress.

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