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An Italian Tuscany paradise to live and enjoy in Colombia.

USD $650.000



The market for mansions and luxury properties in Colombia presents the incorporation of a magnificent country property in the region of Mesa de los Santos, Santander.


Presenting: VILLA ETRURIA .  


Villa Etruria is an Italian style Villa, built according to the tradition of Tuscany region, and specifically of the wine producing area around Siena -- its owner’s native land. It is an exquisite architectural work with the finest materials brought from Italy.


The Villa is located on a plateau on the top of a hill, which allows for a unique security system. There is only one access road to the villa, and the only entrance and exit point for both people and vehicles is duly guarded by a checkpoint with security guards. This means an absolute guarantee of safety and peace of mind for its residents.

Villa Etruria’s unique characteristics extend to its main finishing and construction materials, such as the rustic style floor called " Cotto Fiorentino Medievale ", as well as the artistic kitchen ceramics hand-painted in the southern Italian style. The bathrooms also have high-end ceramics with recessed sinks in glass and resin with gold leaves. 


The Villa also has a splendid fireplace made of white Carrara marble.  The details throughout the interior – including arches, rustic bricks and hard stone -- isolate the Villa from the heat and, during the slightly lower temperatures of the night, keep temperatures pleasantly warm.


Its construction is totally anti-seismic according to the Nsr 98 standard .


It has large gardens and green areas with a rustic oven ideal for cooking pizza, bread and homemade pasta dishes, as well as a barbecue and a large gazebo that allows guests to enjoy the company, the food and the splendid vistas and enchanting climate.


Villa Etruria was built on a 3,350 meter lot, located in Mesa de los Santos, Santander, in front of the - CASA DE CAMPO COUNTRY CLUB - the most prestigious social club in the region, known for its lush golf courses and its large lake, perfect for the practice of nautical sports.


Villa Etruria is a luxurious property immersed in a splendid setting with incredible attention to detail, and a stunning landscape that make it a truly special and unique home. The full Villa includes two houses, the mansion and a guest house.


The mansion and the guesthouse are located on a 36,159 square feet lot. The walking space of the main house and the guesthouse is approximately 3,767 square feet 


The mansion consists of 4 bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms, a kitchen, a large living room and a spacious laundry room. The guesthouse includes 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a kitchen, a living room and a storage room. 


The outdoor space includes an ample flowery “pergola,” a beautifully landscaped garden with an old wood-burning oven and a barbeque


Selling Price:

USD $950.000


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Region, Location and Surroundings:


The Los Santos plateau is a residential and tourist resort with an ideal climate thanks to its altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level. Temperatures range between 25 and 27 degrees throughout the year and drop between 15 and 17 degrees at night, thus favoring a peaceful rest. The climate is defined as "eternal spring", essential for an excellent quality of life.


The Villa is located near one of the main tourist attractions of Santander, the Chicamocha National Park with views of the canyon that bears his name, which is the emblem of the region. The National Park has catering areas and the only cable car in all of South America that allows visitors to cross a 6.3 km canyon while enjoying the breathtaking view. The area also has a well-equipped water park and a local farmers market. You can also practice sports of all kinds such as running, trekking, mountaineering, fishing and cycling.