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A legend's renaissance.

The legends tells us about the mythical city of Atlantis that, concealed under the ocean and oblivion, was once the birthplace of a supreme civilization, where culture, science and technology flourished.

A city populated with riches and enchantments that sowed in humanity the vision and hope of a perfect city.

A legend that now rebirths in time, to develop the most disruptive concept of the Punta Cana area.

A paradise where the entire Caribbean meets.

Punta Cana is undoubtedly one of the most developed destinations in the Americas in recent years, thanks to an infrastructure that enables it to be immediately interconnected to any destination in the world.

It has its own airport, tourist ports and all the services to live to the fullest. An active life within nature, close to the best beaches of the Caribbean and extensive vegetation.

An area full of cosmopolitan culture, with first class restaurants, shopping malls and spaces where nightlife offers you a new experience at the end of each day.

Experience life in a unique style.

Atlantida has been conceived to generate the ultimate living experience, exploring new ways that allow you to enjoy the best of nature from a futuristic perspective, discovering new spaces and emotions with social areas and swimming pools, where your day-to-day life becomes a collection of special and unique moments.

At your disposal, you will find restaurants, diverse social areas to share with your family, as well as concentric pools that will transform your way of enjoying life.

  • Sport's zone.

  • Ecological trail.

  • Spa.

  • Restaurants.

  • Tennis courts.

  • Ecological areas.

  • Commercial Areas.

  • Swimming Pool of 18 thousand m2.

  • Beach Club.

  • Gym.

Exclusive landscapes.