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Only three hours from Bogota, in the Zanja Abajo district of the municipality of Chinavita, department of Boyaca, 900 meters from the main road Garagoa / Tunja, you can enjoy the rest, tranquility and peace that provides the countryside in the beautiful, spacious, comfortable, safe and cozy Finca Campestre Avalon in which land of 1.4 hectares we find a magnificent rustic house, unique and unrepeatable, with independent auxiliary service house currently for sale. A paradise of serenity that is also ideal to be configured as a Productive Farm, Tourist Inn or Self-Sustainable Community.


The municipality of Chinavita, with 3,528 inhabitants as of 2015, is located two hours by road from the city of Tunja, Boyacá and three hours from the city of Bogotá, Capital of Colombia. It enjoys a comfortable annual temperature of between 11°C to 23°C, reaching 25°C in summer and dropping in the short, cool and humid winter period, rarely down to 7°C.

For summer season lovers, the best time of the year to visit is from early June to late September and from mid-December to late January. The other months are interchanged with spring and the occasional rainy season.

In the surroundings of the farm there are inns (hostels) with restaurant, swimming pool, lodging and possibilities of bathing in the river. At 900 meters there is a vacation center with lodging, restaurant and swimming pool called Quirachim.

To the east are the geographical highlands, highlighting the Sabana de Mundo Nuevo, where among other attractions is the Cerro Mamapacha, located at 3,450 meters above sea level, is considered the sacred temple of the bear, puma, squirrels, monkeys and dozens of species that inhabit its mountains, virgin forests and savannas, the Mamapacha Lagoon and several natural sites suitable for mountain camping, with heights of more than 3000 meters above sea level. There are trails and real roads that allow you to enjoy walks in different areas of the municipality.

Mamapacha is an indigenous name that means: mother earth, nature and mother of water. In terms of wildlife we find the black bear, the spectacled bear, deer, pumas, badgers, squirrels, monkeys, otters, and weasels among other wild animals inhabit Mamapacha. There is also a great wealth of avifauna, as there are hawks, kestrels, kestrels, coguajes, yataros, woodpeckers, suros de monte, loras garleras, parrots, chickens, torcazas, hunters, copetones, blackbirds, cooing and bluebirds among others.

From the top of this hill to the east there is a slope called Mundo Nuevo savannah, in the jurisdiction of the municipality of Chinavita, of approximately 15 thousand hectares of extension. There, the Honey Creek is born and in the winter season 8 waterfalls appear. The Mundo Nuevo, Castro and Pategallo savannahs, the Cabros hill and the Alto de los Jayacos are outstanding.

Among the typical crops of the area we find orange, tangerine, banana, guava, pineapple, sugar cane, potato, yucca and one of the best coffees of the region that is already cultivated in the lands of Finca Avalon


Created in 2011, it is unique for its design and technical construction incorporating natural materials. Made with approximately 25,000 clay bricks of compressed lime with CINVA-RAM of 29 x 15 x 14 cm and an approximate weight of 6 pounds each, achieving walls of 30 cm wide. The plaster was worked with pressed mud mixed with lime. There are 200 rods of eucalyptus wood, 500 meters of blocks for thresholds, lintels and beams, reforested with the planting of 520 trees from native species in the sector.

Unrepeatable architectural masterpiece, product of several studies and meticulous research regarding the construction on land, enjoying and capturing the treasures of its location: the beauty of the landscape, the majesty of the mountains and the greenery that nature gifts, since its large windows integrate these views throughout every corner of the house.

Located in a land of 14 thousand square meters with fertile land (1.4 Ha) of rested soils, allowing for a great variety of crops in an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, with cool and peaceful nights. Due to its layout, the property can also serve as a Productive Farm, a Self-Sustainable Community or a touristic Inn, since it has enough area and water resources to build more than three additional cabins with a good lodging capacity.

On its lower boundary lies the Potreros Creek, as well as a small stream that crosses it at the bottom and a permanent irrigation district, in addition to the local aqueduct.

House dimensions:

The perimeter is 574.9 mts. from the front to the back, 84.1 mts on the gravel road that leads to the Zanja Arriba trail, with plaque and little traffic. To the east 206.7 meters, of which 147.7 meters adjoin with the neighboring farm, and 59 meters with a public road. The mentioned creek shares with the property 88,8 mts to the north, and to the west 195,3 mts limiting with the other neighboring property.

The house with 492.3 M2 of total built area, features on the second floor an area of 309.70 M2 which includes:

  • Two bedrooms with two large windows, each with its own private bathroom and closet of 4.90 x 6.56 each.

  • A social bathroom of 1.80 x 2.03 meters.

  • The living room with fireplace of 5,30 x 4,30 mts, has two large windows, connected to the open dining room of 4,30 x 5,30 mts and outside access to the BBQ..

  • 4.30 x 5.30 kitchen with windows, back door and a hallway that connects it to the dining room.

  • Hallway from the entrance door that leads to the 8.7 meter staircase to the second floor

  • 2.50 meter corridor that surrounds the entire first floor.

The second floor with 182.60 M2 consists of:

  • Master bedroom of 4,90 X 5,30 mts with a walk-in wardrobe of 2,64 x 4 mts and bathroom of 2,66 x 4 mts.

  • Terrace of 4 x 5.30 meters.

  • Panoramic corridor delimiting these areas of 2.50 mts and 2.40 in the eastern wing, with 3 cm thick board floor..

As annexes it has:

  • A roofed garage in corrugated tile, covered with vine for heat insulation, with cement floor of 5.60 x 4.50 mts.

  • The 6 x 6 meter BBQ fully equipped with restaurant-style tables, clay oven, wood stove and barbecue grill

  • A 4.70 x 3.80 meter building with a small laundry room, a 1,000 liter water storage tank and a constant pressure pump that distributes the treated water to the house. Two propane gas tanks are stored there that supply not only the kitchen, but also the pass-through heater, which provides hot water to the three showers in the house.

  • There is a 40 m2 house with three small rooms, a bathroom and a laundry room that serves as a cellar, clothing area and water treatment.

  • It has CCTV, WiFi, Electric light.