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Íntimate and Natural.

An innovative concept ideal for investment, which integrates your life experience with the best of nature. With a spectacular design composed of buildings that are interconnected by a causeway pool and recreational trails within its magical tropical garden.

River Island in Atlantida has been conceived to generate the ultimate lifestyle experience, exploring new ways that allows you to enjoy the best of nature from a futuristic perspective, conquering new spaces and emotions with social areas and swimming pools, where your day-to-day life becomes a collection of special and unique moments.

You will have at your disposal, restaurants, diverse social areas to share with your family, as well as concentric pools, which will change the way you live your life.

A Fascinating and Exclusive Experience Awaits you Here.

River Island Condos at the Atlantida Complex (Phase 2), is a boldly unique project that marks the beginning of a dramatic leap in the evolution of the real estate scene in Bávaro Punta Cana, inspired by the mythical legend of the great Atlantis.

The largest project in the history of Bávaro Punta Cana sets an important precedent of its undisputed power and wealth through its iconic architecture. Located 5 minutes from downtown Punta Cana and a few meters from Bávaro Beach.

With an impressive structure, spectacular terraces and a 10,000-meter pool, River Island Condos reveals its mysteries as a boutique hotel with the privacy of an exclusive residence and the amenities of a resort. River Island Condos comes to offer a renewed vision, charting a new course of unstoppable growth in the Bávaro area.

Atlantida offers one of the highest ROI's in the area with flexible investment payment plans.

Bávaro Amenities, Punta Cana.

An independent oasis in the center of Bavaro.

In Bávaro, Punta Cana you will find the best beaches in the world. This beautiful land is home to the highest concentration of white sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters. A true paradise where dreams blend with the reality of soft white sand, crystal clear waters, majestic mangroves and captivating landscapes that are forever imprinted in your precious memories.

An Exclusive Universe.

A structure that provides independent environments, heights that do not break the horizon, but rather redraw it and take advantage of all its light to provide a perfect visual balance. Atlantis is a space composed of several worlds that connect with each other, keeping memorable moments and stays, filling with legendary magic the experience of living in the future.

River Island presents: This grand project features 540 apartments.

  • STUDIOS: 148

  • 1 BEDROOM: 206